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Amazing News! Our blogsite has changed addresses for both the Flower Family blog and Eschatological Football. They can now be found under one roof at...


Ken and Beth


The KenandBeth Day Parade

Here's some current happenings in the Flower family household. We have some new photo galleries to put on our website, but unfortunately I am a website neophyte and am only able to use Microsoft Frontpage. Ergo, vis a vi, because Frontpage is lame I can't update our website right now. Here's some recent pics...

Here's a shot of Beth and I at the UCLA vs. Washington State Game. I'm not really a fan of either team, but it was fun to go to the Rose Bowl and watch football. We got to go with a bunch of people from our college group at church and then after the game we went back to our house for the annual pumpkin carving contest.

Speaking of the annual pumpkin carving contest... after receiving all the votes, its pretty much unanimous that Jessi Gates' pumpkin(s) win the grand prize of respect in the gourd community for an entire year...Way to go Kevin!

Please head over to www.jessigates.blogspot.com to congratulate Jessi on her decisive victory.

Lastly, here's a shot of the table for our Thanksgiving lunch today. My brother, Tyler, came down from Santa Clarita for the weekend and we all went over to the Burns house to enjoy the day with the Burns and SantaMarias. It has been a wonderful day of food, friends, and fellowship. The food was amazing (thanks to the ladies), the fellowship was sweet, and the excitement was pretty much non-stop. The meat-sweats hit me early this year...probably about half way through dinner. We enjoyed a great dinner, a great naptime afterwards watching the end of the Santa Clause 2 (a great movie), a great walk to try to find a newspaper that was soldout, and a great round of wrestling on the trampoline before Survivor started. I am incredibly thankful to God for the people that God has blessed Beth and I with. Their friendship is refreshing, the conversation is sweet, and their kids are all pretty much the bomb-diggity. One of the biggest ways that God has blessed Beth and I these last few years is the people that He has brought into our life.

To top it all off, we are about to embark on watching a history channel documentary on the Mayflower...whohoo!

Also, to see the "Turkey of Glory" and the "Breastplate of Righteousness", go to www.eschatologicalfootball.blogspot.com


The 3rd Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest

Here is Beth with her entry for the Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest...(sweet new down vest!)

If it looks a little withered in this pic, its because it sat out all morning in the hot sun. Notice the detailed leaf decor, falling in with the autumn theme. Also, notice the creative way to carve the opening in the top.

So this is Ken's Pumpkin-Carving Contest Entry.

Here is a shot of Ken working on his pumpkin. I tried a new approach this year. Its the pumpkin-sculpting approach.

Here's a shot of Ken and his finished pumpkin.

Here's a shot of Ken and Beth's pumpkin's side by side.

Make sure you vote for your favorite pumpkin in the comments section. The contestants are: Beth Flower, Ken Flower, Scott Burns (if he puts up a picture of his pumpkin), Billy Blakey and his future wife Corey (if he puts up a picture), and Jessi Gates. Check out their blogs for their pumpkin pictures and vote on your favorite pumpkin.


New Flower Galleries

We have some new photo galleries on KenandBeth.com

We have a gallery of our trip to Blake and Bekah's House...

And a gallery of Beth's Wonderful Birthday.

Go to www.kenandbeth.com to see them.


20 Hours of Daylight

Alaska...the last Frontier (or was that space?)

Beth and I got to go to Alaska for 10 days to visit her family (Her parents Jim and Vicky, her sister Rachel and her husband JR, their daughter Callie, and her brother Tim). It was a wonderful time spent with family. We really love our family and love when we get to spend time hanging with them...it was such a cool thing for us to get to see all of our family in July.

I have posted a gallery of all of our Alaska pictures on our website (www.kenandbeth.com). Here is a link to the gallery...http://www.kenandbeth.com/FlowerPhoto.htm.

Here are some of the highlights:

Picture One: 4-Wheelin through Hatcher Pass
Picture Two: Same Trip
Picture Three: Top of Hatcher Pass
Picture Four: Float Plane Trip to Fish for Sockeye Salmon on the New Halen River
Picture Five: View of a glacier from J.R.'s plane on the way through Clarke Pass to Cooper Landing to meet the ladies.
Picture Six: Float Trip down the Kenai River


Flower Family Visit, July 2006

The whole Flower family (minus Tyler who is in Kenya till the end of July) came out from Michigan July 4th to July 11th and we had a great time. It was so great to have them come and stay with us in our new place and spend so much time together.

We had great times talking, great food, and a lot of fun.

For the gallery of all the pictures from this week...go to the KenandBeth.com Photo Page


We Have Moved!...and also we went camping!

So, we have some new galleries on kenandbeth.com. We have pictures of our new home, before and after the move. Find our new address @ http://kenandbeth.com/FlowerContact.htm. Also, us, along with the Burns, Hintons, SantaMarias, Zacharias, and the Nguyens; went camping at Prado Regional Park. We had a fire-starting contest...using only a blade and magnesium. Sadly enough, the ladies pretty much dominated. All in all, it was a great time. What could be better than bugs, dirt, fishing, and tents? Go to www.kenandbeth.com to check out the galleries.